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I love Unique Dongguan
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I love Unique Dongguan

阳光一小 程子怡     辅导老师:章希凡

Good morning, everyone! Do you know New York City? Have you ever heard of the famous tongue twister “You know New York, you need New York.  You know you need unique New York.”  Yes, New York is unique, and I think Dongguan City is also unique!

What we see everyday makes Dongguan a unique city. Dongguan is a developing city. We can see some modern buildings at down town, and we can also see some small houses here and there. It is an amazing feeling to walk on wide streets , enjoying being a super citizen of new Dongguan. Sometimes I can wander through old lanesmerrily singing “Country roads take me home”!

What we eat everyday makes Dongguan a unique city. In Dongguan, we have a lot of special food to eat. On dragon boat festival, we eat Zongzi. On Mid-autumn day, we eat mooncakes. We have many kinds of fruits in the market, just like longan, lichee,kiwi, mango and so on. “Eat in Dongguan.” Do you agree?

Comparing with other famous cities, Dongguan might not the best one. But I was born here, I live here , and I make a lot of friends here. So it is just like my hometown. For me, it is always the most attractive city in my life.

East or west, home is the best. I love Dongguan forever, I love my home forever and ever. Thank you!

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