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The unique Dongguan
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The unique Dongguan

阳光一小 邹晋

指导老师 谭小燕

Hi, everyone! Before my speech, may I raise a question: how long have you been living in Dongguan? 5years, 10years, 20years…Wow, you have been living in Dongguan for a long time, me too! Do you like living here? Anyway, my family and I are fond of the unique place.

 In my eyes, Dongguan is a modern and livable city. We can enjoy a modern and healthy life here. We can buy goods from all over the world in the shopping mall. We can enjoy the world-class art in the museums or the theaters. We can ride bikes or go hiking around the urban green roads or the nature parks. On the weekends, my family and I often drive one hour to Huizhou for the fresh air, beautiful scenery and delicious foods.

At the same time, Dongguan is also a traditional city. Many folk cultures have been reserved up to now. I can enjoy a crazy water fights in Maishen Festival in Dongkeng. I can cheer for the dragon boat races and taste Zongzi in the Dragon Boat Festival. I can try the sweet and juicy lychees in the Lychee Festival. I can see the dragon and lion dancing in the Spring Festival.

This is the unique Dongguan-a modern and traditional city. I love to live in Dongguan. What about you?

Thank you.


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