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A Special City---Dongguan
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A Special City---Dongguan

选手:邱子慕   指导老师:王淑敏

Good morning, ladies and gentlmen. Today it’s my honor to share a topic: A special city—Dongguan. Why Dongguan is so special? Let me tell you.

I live in Dongguan for 11 years. I think the most special place in China is Dongguan. My Dad is from Guangxi, my mom comes from Hunan, but I was born in this beautiful southern city—Dongguan.

Most people in this city are from all over China, they think it’s a fantastic place to live, and they make it home. The sky is always blue, the trees are always green. The air is always fresh and clean. There are many mountains, lakes and rivers around our houses. We can enjoy the natural views in city centre. And there are lots of libraries and gyms in our neigborhood. Libraries! Do you like libraries? I like Dongguan Library very much, because I like reading in it. Also, there are many factories in Dongguan, they sell things to all the world. Haha, maybe you can see this logo in the foreign country: Made in Dongguan, China.

If you visit the museums, you will know it’s an old city with a long history. But if you walk around this city, you may say: it’s such a young city, everyday you can see and hear new things. For me, Dongguan is such a loving place. I live here, I study here, I play here, and I grow up here! Dongguan is a special city for me, and I love it so much!

Thank you!

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