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School Profile
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School  Profile

     As the first pilot school implementing “joint education” in Nancheng District, Nancheng Sunshine No.1 Primary School ranks high among the Primary Schools at Provincial Level in Guangdong Province.
     Its time-cherished history is honored by such former names as No.12 County National Primary School, Huangxi National Central Primary School, Dongguan County District One Central Primary School, Dongguan County Fucheng District Central Primary School, Dongguan County Huangcun Commune Central Primary School, Huangcun Village Central Primary School, and Nancheng District Central Primary School.
    With a gross floor area of 23,859.5 square meters and a floor space of 11,697.4 square meters, the school is composed of three blocks of teaching buildings, one block of integrated teaching building, and a playground consisting of a 200-meter-long ring-shape plastic racetrack, a ground track field with 60-meter-long straight courses, two basketball courts of standard size and one mini soccer court. Besides, it has an indoor sports room of up to 1,600 square meters in terms of the floor space.
     It is well-equipped with 49 multi-functional rooms for computing, audio and video teaching, dancing, and multi-media presentation. And the sports facilities, sanitary installation and laboratory apparatus have all been designed to comply with national standards and sanitary requirements. The Campus TV Network System has also been introduced to guarantee that all the TV sets in the classrooms can share the same screen if necessary.
    With a collection of 67,865 volumes of books and 37,500 volumes of e-books, the school library is well-tailored for the students and staff. Each and every one of them can have access to the resources through clicking on any one of the six electronic touch screens inside the school.
    The school ranks first among the state-run primary schools in terms of its 37 instructional classes. Currently, there are totally 2,017 students and 102 dedicated staff, among whom 94 of them are full-time teachers, 92 are with junior college and undergraduate credentials, and 56 are with Senior Professional Title, in full compliance with the requirements laid by the Education Bureau of Dongguan.
    Our core values are to “trigger an all-round development of the students and train ourselves to be the choice school of Sunshine Schools by keeping in tune with the education guideline of the CPC”, ensuring that all the children can enjoy a happy, healthy and harmonious development.
    The multilayer moral education systems, consisting of formative education, sentimental education, educations of moral outlook, values, and faith, is deeply rooted in the School, who sticks to actual needs to enrich the connotation of the ethos system, and stirs such fundamental moral qualities as “integrity, responsibility and amicability” in the children.
   A dedicated and energetic teaching staff has made excellent contribution to the development of primary education in Dongguan. In the past three years, 5 of them have been awarded prizes in paper writing competitions of national scale, 17 of them of provincial scale, 41 of municipal scale and 103 of district scale. And the students counseled by these teachers have obtained up to 256 pieces of awards, among which 1 award is of national level, 12 are of provincial level, 67 are municipal level and 176 are district level.
    An excellent teaching tradition and a steady enhancement of the education quality do not dispense with a conscientious teaching attitude, a concentrated studying manner, and a constructive management system. In this way, the School has been eulogized by mounds of awards, as are listed as follows:
 “The School of Excellence in Guangdong Provincial General Education System”,
“The Environmentally Friendly School of Guangdong Province”,
“The Pilot Base for Situational Composition of Guangdong Province”,
“Grade A School of Dongguan City”,
“The Model School of Dongguan City”,
“The School of Excellence of Dongguan City in Promoting Creative Teaching”,
“The School of Excellence of Dongguan City in Promoting Scientific and Technological Education in Children”,
“Grade A School of Guangdong Province”
 “The Pilot School of Guangdong Province in Popularizing Modern Education Skills”,
“The Pilot School of Guangdong Province in Implementing Integrated Activities Curriculum”,
“The Excellent Team of Dongguan City”,
“The School of Cultural Cultivation of Guangdong Province”,
“The Pilot School of Guangdong Province in Promoting Intellectual Property Education”,
“The Model School of Dongguan City in Promoting Law in School Management”.


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